SPAN Cleveland Chapter Meeting

Date: Monday, July 06, 2009 5:00 am - 6:00 am
Contact Info: Bob Parker, Chair

Cleveland Heights Public Library,

Meeting Room A -

 2345 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH - 

The main item of business will be a report & discussion of single-payer universal health care vs. the public option and other plans currently being discussed  in Congress. In addition, we will discuss participating in the national lobby and rally day for Single Payer/Medicare for All on Medicare's 44th birthday, Thursday July 30.  We will be talking about organizing transportation to Washington, as well as possible local events here in Cleveland on that date. If you are interested in helping organize or attending the July 30 events, please give me a call or reply by e-mail. For more information on the national event, check out this web-site:        (Also, at the meeting, there will be a vote on a by-laws proposal (see attachment) for member-at-large position on the executive committee, and if it passes, elect two people to the position.) 
Bob Parker(440) 838-8638